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Johnny Mnminute

Oct 30, 2020

This week we discuss music, virtual reality's representation in cyberpunk fiction, and of course we watch the 40th minute of Johnny Mnemonic, in which Johnny is a 1337 hax0r.

Oct 23, 2020

Much more interesting minute this week as Johnny yells at Jane, then they go into a high tech computer shop and scavenge Johnny up the hardware for some good ol' fashioned hacking.

Oct 16, 2020

This week's pointless minute rehashes information we already knew in a subway tunnel we are already sick of.  If that doesn't sell the podcast I don't know what will.

Oct 9, 2020

This week your hosts vaguely talk about something that could happen and that it might make them cautiously happy maybe, but won't say what it is.  Then they watch Johnny have flashbacks in slow motion.

Oct 2, 2020

This week we dissect the 36th minute of Johnny Mnemonic which just happens to line up perfectly with a 58 second scene in Takahashi's office.