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Johnny Mnminute

Aug 28, 2020

After the usual week-out-of-date dystopia talk, we dive into another minute packed with gunplay and dismemberment.

Aug 21, 2020

This week's minute is action packed.  With a rescue, a negotiation, blood, weird car-antenna weapons, possible cybernetic hand razors, and even an eventual escape.  We break it down in literal slow motion so that not one detail escapes.

Aug 14, 2020

Johnny is still tied to a table, but any second now he's going to be rescued... any second now.... ok maybe next week.  Also, as usual, we talk Dystopias, reccomendos, and deftly engineer other trains of thought.

Aug 7, 2020

This week's dystopia talk gets a little dark.  Then we get into what is probably the least interesting minute of Johnny Mnemonic that we've watched yet.  Then we ramble for an extra 15 minutes for some reason.  Tadaaaa!